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Cincinnati-based recording artist JaCene released her new EP, “7 Loads of Dirty Wet Laundry”.

We first met JaCene when she won a talent search down in Cincinnati late last year. We released her single “Ruthy” in February and followed up with her latest release.

My EP “Dirty Wet Laundry” represents all of the things I went through and one of my past relationships. Not only did I take from my personal experience but some of my friends as well, from finding out the deepest secrets of our lovers to saying that we were incompatible in many different ways. But yet, still we love them and sometimes we have to let them go. Sometimes things can’t be aired out or clean, you just have to get rid of them.


The EP features “Ruthy” along with lead single “Dumb Boy”, “Rum Stains” and more. The 8 song project features Ta3 Denzel, De’Sean Tarrance, and TuSlaay on the “Dumb Boy” bonus track remix.

Check out the EP below and click here to listen on your favorite platform: