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The hip-hop world is witnessing a seismic collaboration that spans generations and styles. Tjuan Benafactor, the multi-talented mogul who has conquered music, sports, and entertainment, has joined forces with rising star Bantana for a powerful new single called “ITS TIME.” And they’ve brought in hip-hop legend KRS-One and female underground rapper Cy-Cy Couture to make this release a veritable tsunami of lyricism and production prowess.

Released by VIP Records/Empire, “ITS TIME” is a hard-hitting anthem that represents the pure essence of hip-hop culture. From the instrumental to the lyrical content, this track is a statement of intent from artists who refuse to compromise their artistry.

Benafactor, known for his award-winning touring credentials and a resume that includes owning a Kentucky Derby winner and leading a media division for the ABA, brings his trademark versatility to the booth. He is known for his seamless blend of braggadocio and social commentary, a skill he has honed through years of pushing boundaries.

Bantana, an emerging voice in the underground hip-hop scene, matches KRS-One’s intensity bar-for-bar. With a delivery that is equal parts ferocious and introspective, Bantana cements his place as a rising force to be reckoned with. But it’s the addition of hip-hop royalty and a female voice that elevates “ITS TIME” to legendary status. KRS-One, the “Teacha” and one of the genre’s most revered lyricists, lends his iconic flow and vivid wordplay to the track.

Cy-Cy Couture, known for her explosive skills in the underground scene, adds her fiery flair to the mix.
With “ITS TIME,” Benafactor and Bantana have crafted a tour de force that transcends genres and generations. It’s a project that pays homage to hip-hop’s roots while boldly charging into its future, with a fearless female voice added to the mix. Prepare for an aural onslaught that will leave an indelible mark on the game.

“ITS TIME” is out now on all major platforms. Listen here: